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Social Media as a Marketing Strategy

If you are not going to listen to your customers and join in with the conversation, don't expect to have a great deal of success with any social media marketing campaign!

There is a lot of hype and often misplaced expectations about how great social media is for marketing your business. Using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or YouTube CAN do a great deal for improving your business, but like everything else, it MUST be done properly to be effective. Conversely, get it wrong and it can come back and BITE your business really hard!

At ONLINE NZ we understand how you can build your online reputation and grow your brand. We will  set up your social media profiles on your behalf on the social networks most appropriate for your business and will teach you how to participate in the social media arena. We will give you insights as how to be seen as someone that can talk knowledgeably, and can provide insights and information on your business and business sector not just within your immediate area but on a global scale. We can help you write blog articles and other social media articles that will ensure a good following.

A recent survey conducted in the UK found that 63 percent of people were more likely to use a business if it has a social media presence.
Let ONLINE NZ help you with your social media strategy today.

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